Friday, May 29, 2009


When you showed me the wind
in your chest, I smiled and woke up.
The air from that chimney filled that red balloon,
until it popped.
We let go of some strings over time.
But when is time just a matter of letting go,
I feel it that the simple things we were waiting for
were the little things we missed until they were gone.
We were wrong in thinking the road ahead was better
than what had.

Your power to elude is captivating,
but I never noticed.

When I fell into clasping wrists
like trees during rainstorm you
Weren’t around. So I’d like you to
know that lightening has passed over


the stars are smiling bright with their
teeth clenched down on my muddy heart.
I have been there, released and pulled back,
fought distance and spare change

like you wanted me to.

So forgive me.

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