Friday, May 29, 2009

My Body As Objects

I am cannonball fuse
Lightning rod scratch
Outstretched from the heart
Veins like forks ripple motion sickness

inthe dark

The stars are ghosts we've lost

inthe sky

My feet, the quiet camel
through hourglass dreams
I dream of my arms; like redwood
towering the lonely existence

that is dirt and ocean
to hug
the ones lost

My fingers, the tides
waving goodnight to the sun and the
faint roar of piano keys

The man in the moon welcomes
the alleycats, the dreamcatchers,
the empty pocket dancers and the
midnight quiet cake batchers

My body is the storm on the horizonThe crash of windowpanes breakingoutward openly toward all that is youWe only breathe because everythingaround us exists right now

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